Dress Code


For the Golf Courses and Practice Facilities:

For Gentlemen:
Shirts with sleeves and collars (mocks w/raised collar 1 1/4ײ are acceptable).
Bermuda shorts or slacks. 
For Ladies:
Shirts with or without sleeves. Bermuda shorts, slacks, skorts and Capri pants are allowed. 
Tank tops, halter-tops, racer-back tops, sports bras and swimming attire are prohibited. Denim of any color, tennis shorts, short shorts, cut-offs, jogging shorts, basketball shorts and sweatpants. Golf shoes with alternative spikes or tennis shoes must be worn at all times.
All members and guests at either facility must wear acceptable attire at all times.  Members are responsible for the acceptability of their guests’ attire.  The golf staff has been instructed to deny use of the golf facilities to any individual not properly attired.  Members are responsible for the dress of their guests and dependents. The Management determines what attire is acceptable.


Dress Code for Clubhouses, Dining Areas and Patios:

Our Clubhouse dress code is intended to ensure a pleasant and dignified atmosphere in which to enjoy the club’s facilities and services. It is premised on our members’ exercising their good judgment, respect for tradition and sensitivity to the desires and expectations of the membership as a group. An integral part of our tradition is the expectation that members, their families and guests will always be neatly attired and will maintain higher standards of appearance than are the accepted norm in our day-to-day activities.

Denim, while not permitted on the Golf Courses and Practice Facilities, is acceptable attire in the Clubhouses, Dining Areas and Patios. Denim apparel must be in good and clean condition.  No cut-offs, no overalls, no frayed edges, no holes, no excessively baggy or loose denim, no visible midriff, no visible undergarments.  This includes designer jeans that are intended to be worn that way. Bathing suits and fitness apparel should not be worn in dining areas, including the patio. 

Recognizing that a dress code cannot reasonably be expected to identify all forms of acceptable and unacceptable attire, our dress code establishes minimum standards that apply to Club facilities and activities. Compliance with the dress code by family and guests is the responsibility of the member. In addition, Club management has been charged with monitoring compliance, both in fact and in spirit. In instances of differing opinions, members will be expected to abide by management’s interpretation.

The dress code applies to people 13 years of age and older.